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Submitted on
November 27, 2012


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:star:UPDATE! See at bottom of journal if you have already read this!
( If you haven't already, please read the whole thing so you know all the detail about the contest! including proof of my prizes, entries so far and characters. )

A contest like mine? Want another chance to win big? JasperJones323 is hosting a contest like mine, with an even bigger first place cash/points prize! If you want to enter his contest as well, you can view it here.… :love:

:star:Icon meanings.
:bulletred: Not aloud.
:bulletgreen: Must do
:bulletblue: non-mandatory/information/helpful tips/F.A.Q.

:star:Basic contest rules-

:bulletred:-No Bases, tracing/copying/stealing someone else's work. Pose reference is fine but please don't copy it to an exact, be creative on your own.
:bulletred:-I will be the only judge, please do not ask to help judge the contest. ( I have been asked a few times so I thought I would mention that I will be the only judge here. Please do not ask me to help, it's appreciated but I do not want/need help. )
:bulletred:-Please NO Dominatrix or bondage. That shit creeps me out lol. Any other entry that fit the rules are gladly accepted.
:bulletred:-Please no inflation or pregnancy.
:bulletred:-Please only sumit pictures of Luna or Luna and Felix. No just Felix images and no other characters please. I have my reasons.

:bulletgreen:-Looking for sexual works only. Sexy, Ecchi, hentai ( Any images you submit to DeviantArt must fallow DeviantArt rules! but that doesn't mean you can't submit a censored version to DA and email me the full image! If you want to email me an uncensored version ask me for my email please ( Or send a link in a note. ) it's much appreciated!
:bulletgreen:-Your entry must be recognizable as my character/characters. When reading about the characters, please make sure you pay attention to their appearances: body types and color pallet  Character info below.
:bulletgreen:-Each contestant can only submit up to five images for the contest. If you draw more than five I will pick my favorite five of how ever many images you drew.

:bulletblue:-How the judging will be done.

:bulletblue:-If you really don't want to submit your entry to your own gallery, for what ever reason, you are aloud to send me the file and I can put it in my own gallery and say ' private entry ' If the picture isn't acceptable for DA, It should be censored. I do not mind doing the censoring myself.

:bulletblue:-If you like, I would appreciate you adding me to your Dev-watch until the contest is over. It'll help you keep track of the contest information because I update it often.

:bulletblue:-You are aloud to send me a rough sketch so I can approve the body shape(s) if you want to. It is very helpful to make sure you draw them correctly. or at least as accurately as you can in your own style. I won't tell you how to make your entry, that's not fair to the other contestants! nor does it give you freedom with your entry since there are already so many guidelines.

:bulletblue:-You can submit images, animations/gifs, comic pages or super-sexy-time story writing. Yes you can submit line arts. ;)

:bulletblue:-You do not win by being great at drawing or coloring, you win by being creative with the fallowing, Coloring ( color's used in image, not your skill at coloring. ), Background design, pose, theme ( on goings in your entry ), clothing design ( How well it goes with the picture. (( you can use one of your clothing designs or mine. it doesn't change the chance of you winning. ), content of image ( this is a sexy, ecchi, hentai contest, the more mature the content the better. ), holiday theme ( if you draw a holiday theme, be creative and have fun with it. ), accuracy to my characters design ( drawing the characters body's correctly or at least as close as you can in your style. ), creativity with Luna's hair. ( read description on characters below. ), items shown in entry, ( presents, condom packages, clothing on the floor, stuff like that. ).  You don't need to do ALL these things, in face you don't NEED to do any. I just though the suggestions would be helpful.

:bulletblue:-You may give Luna different hair styles, but please keep her side bangs. But please only change her hair if the character is still recognizable as Luna.

:bulletblue:-Please explore new creations with my characters. Maybe give some kind of quick story in the artist comment saying what's going on in the image, or even just write what they are supposed to be saying, in the artist comment if they are not speaking in the image.

:bulletblue:-Don't be afraid I won't like your picture. I will as long as you fallow the rules! :dummy:

:bulletblue:-Simply drawing lots of images doesn't help your chances of winning, everyone has a fair chance but having more to choose from with more variety does help your chances, it gives you a higher % of what I"m choosing from. B-)

:bulletblue:-You can only win one prize even if you enter more than one image.

:bulletblue:-Make a journal about this contest and link it to me in your note about joining the contest. ( You don't NEED to do this, but the contest will be continuously extended until I get the required amount of entries, so please tell everyone you know for a chance to win big! as I stated above, I am wanting to add more prizes to the contest and also expand the current ones. )

:bulletblue:-Oh, and just so people know in case you are going to draw Luna nude or something, she is shaven.

:bulletblue:-Look below for proof that I have the money for the contest prizes! :nod:

:star:{ Prizes - Received Via Paypal or in points.

1st place winner = their choice of $400 or 32,000.:points:

2nd place winner = their choice of $100 or 8,000.:points:

( Must have at least 125 contestants for more prizes )

3rd place winner = their choice of $50 or 4,000.:points:

( Must have at least 175 contestants for more prizes )

4th place winner =  $25 or 2,000.:points:

5th place winner = $15 or 1,200.:points:

6th place winner = $10 or 800.:points:

( Must have at least 220 contestants for more prizes )

7th place winner = $5 or 400.:points:

8th place winner = $5 or 400:points:

9th place winner = $5 or 400:points:

10th place winner = $5 or 400:points:

11th place winner = $5 or 400:points:

( Must have at least 240 contestants for more prizes. )

12th place winner = $5 or 400:points:

13th place winner = $5 or 400:points:

14th place winner = $5 or 400:points:

:star:My characters!

:star:Best references for Luna and Felix!

:star:Here are some sexy outfits I would LOVE to see Luna in! :dummy:… Still working on more!! Feel free to be more creative and make up your own outfit based on ones I've made, myself. Looking at cloths I drew you can sort of get a feel for what I like ;)

:star:FINAL DUE DATE January 1st. No matter how many entries I have by then, that is when the contest will end, I've given more than enough extentions for those who have asked, I have been harassed and accused becuase I keep extending the contest for you, please make the harassment WELL worth it. Thanks to those who have already entered.

:star:How the judging will be done. The keys to winning!…

:star:Ok so it has come to my attention that some people think my prizes ' are too good to be true ' so I was told I should show some ' proof ' that I have money. :) I wasn't sure how else to do so, so here is a statement from my Paypal. I blocked out any personal info for obvious reasons.  I know I don't have the full amount right this second but I do have a decent amount and when I get another pay check I will be putting more money into it ;)
And if you look in this folder I am also buying some commissions form people on DA… ( Still waiting to receive some works. )

:star: No longer am I using the  catch phrase thing... I was not aware that you could ' Ctrl + F ' and just search for the word... Besides the point is seems to be confusing people and drawing them away from my contest.

:star:For those who want to know what competition there is, here are the contest entries I have so far.…
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BigE-Contests Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
If the contest ended in January (the 1st), and it is currently March 20th. Are you going to announce the winners of the contest? A lot of people seem to think you scammed them and 3 months with no results may raise questions. 
qren Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
hi just wondering it's already past jan 1 any update?
BlueHairLove Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
Hi, I am sorry for the late reply, been very tied up recently. Im going through the entries now, should have results in a few days to a week. Max. :)
qren Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
it's already been a month.. erm.. we're wondering what's happened?
caroline0001 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Student General Artist
when's the deadline?
BlueHairLove Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
The contest is basically over now, I'm going through the entries and deciding winners, if you think you can get an entry finished in three days, you can go right ahead, I'll be finished by then and the contest will be over. :)
wawan-nizam Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
still open?
BlueHairLove Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013
Yes :) Closing really soon though! So if you want to participate, please do it quickly. :D 
penguin4213 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
just wna double this now closed? :(
edichter Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013
You don't have to worry this contest has been going on since around April, the deadline keeps getting pushed. Its a never ending contest :P
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